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Oct 2017

"LFG - Landfill gas projects in Germany due to the national Climate Initiative (NKI / PtJ) by the German government" by Wolfgang H. Stachowitz

16th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
Symposium Sardinia 2017, Oct. 2nd - Oct. 6th


word and ppt - file will follow of the presentation

August 2017

Saftey Trainig & schooling LFG - and Biogassystems esp. for workers

PETERS mixer / Maschinenbau Peters

B - 4700 Eupen

July 2017 - take care about S.A. WATERLEAU GROUP N.V., Belgium 3150 Wespelaar (Leuven) esp. Mr Joni Ceuppens. He sent orders, made emtpy promises at the end of a small project in Hungary - but he never pay 1 ct on invoice!!

June 2017 - Signing a contract with VIREO Belarus for consulting in LFG - Projects: Grodna Belarus about Landfill site inspection and calculation of LFG production

with Dmitry Moiseev Vireo Energy (Belarus), Minsk, 220007


October 19th - Signing a contract with VIREO Belarus for consulting in LFG - Projects: Gomel and Vicebisk Belarus

with Dmitry Moiseev / Alena Ananeva Vireo Energy (Belarus), Minsk, 220007

August 10th, Workshop - MetHarmo, presentation: Gas emissions - explosion protection: Safety in theory and practice, Wolfgang H. Stachowitz, DAS - IB GmbH, click the photo for the program as pdf.file 237 kB

Information about the programme time sheduale as pdf.-file 237 kB

pdf-file of the ppt presentaion 1,737 kB

August st and 2nd regulary site visit & double check of the gas extraction system Kazokiskes, Vilnius, LT MODUS Group, Vilnius

May 16th to 18th Visit and LFG Traning course and more on site: Gatchina, Russia, Landfill Novy Svet Eco - near Saint Petersburg

April 18th to 21st Landfillgas seminar, Landfillgas conference, Biogas conference, exhibition and biogas seminar Lübeck

Jänner / January 2016 "Biogas - for manufactores" schooling and know - how interchange of ideas at A - 6410 Telfs, : Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH Umwelt- und Energietechnik

Landfillgas projects in BELARUS (1st step done Dec. 17th to 21st 2015 in Belarus on sites) , TURKEY and Biogas projects in Luxembourg (contract)

Dec. 2015 ff

Landfil gas (LFG) design & planning: efficiency of the gas extraction system / improvement of the gas extraction system incl. manifold stations, booster station, flares, gensets (generator)

Belarus Landfills: Vitebsk, Orsha, Gomel, Novopolack


Optimisation of gas extraction / collection systems for a better climate; decrease the CO2 potential by minimising the methane emissions over (via) the surface 15th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill Symposium Sardinia 2015, Oct 5th - Oct. 9th

* Small scale flares and booster stations for special landfill gas tests on side and / or training of the staff to operate landfill gas extraction system

* Optimizing of landfill gas extraction / collection systems for a better climate"

July - August 2015

AUDIT (theorie and measering in practice on side) for the optimizig of the gas extraction system (performance and operation)

UAB (JSC) Autoideja, LT 08200 Vilnius

Lithuania, Landfill site Kazokiskes Elektrenmai municipality

More than 150 participaions from 9 different countries and 15 exhibiters - at our conferences and exhibitor April 2015 in Berlin .


Nov. - Dec. 2014

rental of a mobile gasflare for commissioning of a biogas plant in Barby

thöni INDUSTRIEBETRIEBE GmbH, Umwelt Energietechnik

A - 8410 Telfs

May 20th and 21st Landfill and Biogas Conference with exhibition : more than 140 partisipant and more than 20 exhibitor .... from four different countries

Information about the programme time sheduale as pdf.-file 208 kB


Oct 13

"Landfill gas (LFG) small scale flare for optimizing gas extraction systems and training the site stuff" by Wolfgang H. Stachowitz

klick and you got a bigger one 688 kB download

14 th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
Symposium Sardinia 2013, Sept 30th - Oct. 4th

Oct 13

"Methane detection on the surface of landfill sites and at biogas plants" by Wolfgang H. Stachowitz klick at the photo ppt as pdf.-file 1891 kB

14 th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
Symposium Sardinia 2013, Sept 30th - Oct. 4th

More than 150 participations from 8 different countries at our International Landfillgas & Biogas Conference incl. exhibition in April 8th to 11th ( Magdeburg, Germany).

exhibitor: e.g. Small CHP units from 8 kW el


DAS IB Mobile Flares / DMF

klick and you got a bigger one 688 kB download


December 6th - 3 DAS - IB - Nicolauses at work ..

Oct. 8th - 10th 2012 - Lithuenia - KAZOKISKES - Vilnius County Waste Management Centre, double check of technique on site and optimisation of the gas extraction system, calculate gas production and compare to the side conditions -

measurement of row gas, emission over the survice and in the air for MODUS grupe - UAB AUTOIDEA, Vilnius

6 - 9.2012

Landfil gas (LFG) design & planning: of the gas extraction system, condensate shafts, manifold stations, gas booster station and measurement of the efficiency of the gas extraction system / improvment of the gas extraction system

UAB (JSC) Autoidea, LT 08200 Vilnius

Lithuania, Landfill site Kazokiskes

Aug. 5th 2012 - Norway - Lofoten - Wastemanagementsystem - "Lofoten Avallsselskap"

July 24th 2012 - QE in Kiel - and our female stuff are on holiday, at the doctor or have to stay with there children at home - Sorry - We were there and keep you in our minds !

May and June: Projects from Hungary, lithonia etc. see references

Photos about our landfill gas (LFG) and biogas Conference with exihibition April 2012 in Kiel - more than 30 companies in the exhibition and > 160 participation in the conference

Participation from three different countries Because of 10 years DAS - IB GmbH and 25 years Wolfgang H. Stachowitz in the field of biogas and landfill gas technique - all conferences books are coloured - no extra charge


Overview exhibitors

Photo by Rafal Lewicki at Sardinai conference 2011

Kazokiskes Landfill site Lithovenia, near Vilnius: LFG site inspection to proof gas prognoses, check up existing booster and flare operation and find solutions for CHP units: if and size


Oct 11

Energy supply of a landfill site in the aftercare period by LFG, sun, oil, natural gas etc. by Wolfgang H. Stachowitz

13rd Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
Symposium Sardinia 2011, October 3rd - 7th

* text / book -presentation as pdf-file 3027 kB

* ppt-presentation as pdf-file 630 kB

Oct 11

Optimisation of gas collection systems landfills, hazardous waste and abandoned waste disposal sites by Wolfgang H. Stachowitz

13rd Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
Symposium Sardinia 2011, October 3rd - 7th

* text / book presentation as pdf.-file 2220 kB

* ppt presentation as pdf.-file 2431 kB

social events at Sardinia Waste Conference 2011

spring time 2011

remise du bulletin # 19 PGPE Région Nord Maroc de Gestion et de Protection de l’Environnement 144 kB click the photo

LFG (Landfill gas) - & Biogas International Conference May 2011 Erfurt, Germany. dated: 30.IV.2011: > 150 participation from 6 countries Latvia, Netherlands, Maroc, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany

and ca 30 exhibiter plus speaker -

The BIOGAS - training course is overbookes - closed

Casablanca, Maroc LFG - conference

March 24th 2011

LFG extraction: Is it art & design or a matter of course - Captation du Méthane à partir des décharges : un art ou une évidence

EnviroMaroc 2011, Casablanca

complete english vocal presentation version as pdf - file (1098 kB)

and complete ppt presentation version as pdf - file (2668 kB)

Photos dated March 14th - 16th at landfill sites Tanger and Tetouan Maroc - Site inspection for LFG - Projcets.


Pourriez vous me donner un avis comparant les potentiels de Tanger et Tétouan à celui d'Oulja/Salé.

- Programme de Gestion et de Protection de l’Environnement - PGPE

GIZ - Programme de Gestion et de Protection de l'Environnement PGPE

Composante de Tanger

Maroc: Landfills sites: Tanger & Tetouan

Febuary DAS - IB in Sweden, Gotenburg

Das-ib GmbH


programme and registration: LFG - & Biogas conference May 2011 Erfurt; Germany 134 kB

Our rental mobile flare ( 1 MWth to 1.8 MWth) fleet plus equipment - klick the picture 334 kB

  • Photos of our international Biogas and landfill gas (LFG) conference incl. exihibition dated may 2010 - 65 photos

    Our conference programe May 4th and 5th at Düsseldorf here as a link. click the photo(link to the pdf.-file 233 kB).

    Exhibition plan at the conference as pdf.-file 330 kB please click

    The visit of the exhibition is free of charge (> 25 exhibitors) !

    Over 120 participations from 6 different countries: Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Germany and China at our conference in Düsseldorf.

    December 2009:


    The programme of our anual international LFG- and Biogas confernence will follow here in January 2010. The conference will be in Düsseldorf, May 4th and 5th 2010.

    October / November 2009 :

    Landfilling / Landfill sites and "Incineration" plants in the caribic - West Indies - e.g. :

    St. Georges, Grenada

    Palm Island, Tobago Cays - Mayreau - Grenadiens

    Philipsburg, St. Maarten

    July 2009 :

    July 8 th 2009

    Saftey Trainig & schooling LFG - and Biogassystems esp. microgas turbines - at Celerina, Switzerland


    complete english ppt - presentation version as pdf - file (3240 kB)

    June 2009 :

    Since June 4th 2009 we are only available by phone # 49 / 431 / 534433 - 6 and - 8 & fax - 7. The old numbers of "Deutsche Telekom AG" are canceled.

    DAS - IB at Kiel Week 2009

    May / April 2009 :

    Over 150 Participations from 7 different countries joined our internatinal Biogas & Landfillgas (LFG) conference in Weimar- here some photos from the conference and the exhibition 27th & 28th:

    March 2009:

    programme of our conference with exhibition 2009 in Weimar, Germany as pdf.-file 128 kB.

    approx. 100 participations (dated March 19th) and 20 exhibitors134 kB in Weimar.


    from 7 Nations: Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands, Luxembourg; Belgium and Germany Conference and exhibition: April 28th and 29th in Weimar.

    January 2009:

    Wolfgang H. Stachowitz


    October 2008:

  • Photos of DAS - IB GmbH in Budapest Oct. 2008 on site

  • Photos of YTV Helsinki (Suomi) visited German Landfill sides with DAS - IB GmbH Oct. 2008


    September 2008:

    Ämmässuo Waste Treatment Centre / Landfill site


    August 2008:

  • 2 nd Mobile Gasflare DMF II with 1,6 MW th "ready to flare" Plug & Fire- August 2008


    May 2008:

    2nd Mobile Flare of DAS - IB - DMF II 1,6 MW th - under construction .. to rent or sell ..


    April 2008:

    photos of our conferences April 21st to 24th in Dessau, Germany "Biogas - & Landfill Gas - Technology"


    We had guests from:

  • More Photos from our conference "Biogas & LFG - Technology" and exhibition dated April 22th & 23rd at Hannover

    and photos of our conference April 7th in Hannover, Germany "Desasters and demages at Biogas plants"

  • more Photos here of the conference

    February 2008:

  • Plug & Fire / Mobile Gasflare DMF 1 MW th, 12.II.2008 start up
  • „First International Conference on Landfill ... Budapest / Hungria / Febr. 6th - 8th 2008“

    November 2007:

    1 st Middle European Conference on Landfill Technology, Febr. 2008 in Budapest

    We have two presentation there:

    “Landfill gas extraction system and utilisation in Hungary – Pusztazamor landfill side of FKF Zrt.” &

    “Landfill gas collection, treatment and utilisation – 20 years of experience in the field of landfill gas disposal, standards, problems, solutions and procedures”

    Don`t dream it - flare it ! With the flare of DAS - IB ... 10 minutes on side and we are ready - to flare

    October 2007:

    Our folder about the hire skidmounted flare and booster system as download pdf.-file 229 kB in english.

    DAS - IB GmbH at Sardinia 2007 conference from 1st to 5th of October: 11th International Waste Mangament and Landfill Symposium. You will find the three presentation on our web - see publications.

    September 2007:

    Own rental booster station and flare stack for biogas and landfill gas systems on hire: Start up in the middle of September our hire flare on tour ... 1000 kW Firing capacity

    June 2007:

    Next step at Pusztazamor Landfill site, Budapest, Hungary We prepare the tender documents for the next section: Gasextraction system, wells, manifold stations, booster station and flare for 1,000 m3/h.

    May 2007:

    Because of daily > 1000 SPAMS - we switched until June 21st of

    February 2007:

    We have three papers at Sardina 2007:

    Oct 07

    The disaster of the MBA - plant Goettingen - Deiderode

    11th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
    Symposium Sardinia 2007, October 1st - 5th

    pdf.-files later (May 2007)

    Oct 07

    Landfill gas extraction systems and utilisation in Hungary (LFG - systems) , Pusztazamor landfill site of FKF Zrt. Budapest

    11th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
    Symposium Sardinia 2007, October 1st - 5th

    pdf.-files later (May 2007)

    Oct 07

    EU directive 99/92 - Explosion protection document for gas extraction systems and gas utilisation with a risk analyses

    11th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
    Symposium Sardinia 2007, October 1st - 5th

    pdf.-files later (May 2007)

    November 2006:

    Juergen Dzikowski
    Regular Service and gas analyses at Pusztazamor Landfill site

    August 2006:

    Photos of our projet:
  • Pusztazamor Landfill site August 2006 Hungary / Budapest: Gasextraction system "start up" of the pumping trail with flare and booster system

  • Pusztazamor Landfill site under construction- Generell views: DAS - IB GmbH has been instructed by the Budapest Sanitation Department (FKF Zrt.) to revise the existing gas collection system of the largest Hungarian waste disposal site (Pusztazamor) and to upgrade the latter in order to achieve West-European state of the art standards. In connection with these instructions, the entire gas collection system has been revised, gas forecast calculations balanced and adjusted, and the required machinery, from gas manifold stations, condensate drainage and knock out pots, compressor station to the current high-temperature incineration ("flare"), aligned. The job will show the long and thorny way to real implementation and the accompanying works from gas measurements, optimisation of the gas collection system to the projection of the CHP plant in 2007. The job will not only reveal technical considerations regarding the implementation of landfill degasification, but also necessary accompanying measurements and supervisions for the dimensioning of the final degasification using CHPs for landfill gas utilisation, depending on the gas amounts and qualities during different periods under consideration.

    March / April 2006:

    Schooling & Presentation for the firebrigades of Northern Germany: Biogasplants - risks and dangerous (HEALTH & SAFETY) of the operation - Biogas Plants: Dangerous Substances, Explosive Atmospheres, Fire, ...

  • Pusztazamor Landfill site, Hungary - Signing the contracts for the gasextraction system and pumping trail
    Owner & operation the Landfill side: FKF Zrt. Budapest, General Constructor: ERBE Rt. Budapest, Sub - Constructor: Pro2, Germany
  • February 2006:

  • Pusztazamor Landfill site - Meeting for the design of the gasextraction system

  • FKF Rt. Budapest, Hungary: Bidder for the pumping trail at Pusztazamor Landfill site. Consulter DAS - IB GmbH

  • Next desaster: Fire in a Biogas plant, Germany - our job: Cause and costs of the Desaster

  • "The disaster at the Goettingen-Deiderode MBP plant. Our job as an independent expert who has been instructed to find out the cause of this disaster "
  • local firebrigade more photos of the desaster over "Einsätze" 21.I.2006

  • Abfallzweckverband Südniedersachsen as-nd Photos of the plant before the destater starts 2004 - 2005

  • Newspaper "EXTRA TiP Göttingen" with photos of the demages 7 - Millionen . Liter - Lawine 25.I.2006

    Disaster at the Goettingen - Deiderode waste disposal site In January 2006, two digesters of the MBP, each with a height of approx. 20 m have burst into pieces during the start-up phase. They contained a total of approx. 4.5 million litres of digested sludge (substrate) respectively 2.5 million litres of rainwater and, except for the mechanical pre-treatment and the sorting system, destroyed the entire MBP. The material damage (total loss) at the following essential units amounted to approx. 10 million Euros: 3 digesters, 2 blending tanks, wet oxidation container, biological sulphur removal, transformer station with 1.6 MW, 2 CHPs à 625 kW, machine floor, cooler, RTO, etc.

    January 2006:

    Jan 06

    Our Presentation: Mixing of Biogas with Landfill Gas (LFG) - MB Plants / MBT and Landfill Gas Extraction systems - Technical and Safety aspects

    International MBT Conference, Hannover - November 23rd and 24th 2005 - wasteconsult

    complete english version of the book as pdf - file (345 kB)


    November 2005:

    November 22nd and 23rd

    International MBT / MBP - Symposium 2005, Mechanical Biological Technology / Pretretment of waste. We are there: In the exihibition and with our presentation as pdf - file German version with english abstract(484 kB). You will find the complete english presentation in December here.

    wasteconsult International - Hannover

    November 23rd 2005

    Workshop: Waste, Energy and Climate - Potential of Carbon Trading in the EU waste policy. We are there

    Europe / Dessau


    October 2005:

    2nd - 9th Oct 05

    "Explosion Protection Document for Gas Extraction Systems" / ATEX - Documnet or Risk assesment document

    10th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
    Symposium Sardinia 2005

    Summary as pdf - file (158 kB)

    complete as pdf - file (215 kB)

    2nd - 9th Oct 05

    Carbon trading and carbon credits with landfill gas (LFG) - JI- and CDM- projects / Greenhouse gas credits

    10th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
    Symposium Sardinia 2005, October 3rd - 7th

    complete as pdf - file (488 kB)

    Summary as pdf - file (247 kB)

    ppt presentation as pdf - file (2686 kB)


    September 2005:

    A little help "Normal operation" for your Explosion protection document / Risk assesment as Poster pdf - file (941 kB)

    pre view

    July 2005:

    2005 again ... We are at "Tenth International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, Sardinia from 3 - 7 October 2005" with the presentation: "Explosion Protection Document for Gas Extraction Systems" ; Sardinia 2005 Programe as pdf - file (263 kB)

    Summary as pdf - file (158 kB) complete as pdf - file (215 kB)

    and "Carbon trading and carbon credits with LFG (landfill gas) - JI and CDM- projects"

    Summary as pdf - file (247 kB) complete as pdf - file (488 kB)

    Further more see February 2005 in this fields.

    June 2005:

    We sell: Emission Reduction Units (ERUs) from a German JI - project, price > 5 Euro / t. Project: Extra use of head from a Landfill Gas Power Station (gasengines) - > 6.000 MWh pa // Please contact us asap / Last information from the German BMU (Mr. Forth), GEKO - coordination, he want to prefer a buyer from France ...... Who can help us??

    New contract:


    gasprognosis, pumping trail, design of the manifold stations, design of the condensate knock out pot - condensate shaft, design of the mobile booster station and flare system, tender documents and abstract documents

    Hungary // Budapest , "Pusztazamor" Magiary

    FKF RT - Fövarosi Közterület-Fenntarto , Budapest, Hungary / Magyar

    May 2005:

    We support: Tobias Dorenkamp as a student at the University of Cologne. He writes his diploma thesis about landfill gas and carbon trading in JI and CDM projects in cooperation with Mr. Wolfgang H. Stachowitz. You can help: take 5 - 10 minutes and full fill this file (74 kB doc.-file)"

    March 2005:

    Our comments to the PDD of the CDM - Landfill Gas (LFG) to Energy Project: Payatas in the Philippines. February - March 2005 - (542 kB pdf.-file)"

    We are at "Tenth International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, Sardinia from 3 - 7 October 2005" with the Poster Presentation: "Explosion Protection Document for gas Extraction Systems" and the oral presentation "Carbon trading and carbon credits with LFG (landfill gas) - JI and CDM- projects"

    February 2005:

    2005 again ... We are at "Tenth International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium, Sardinia from 3 - 7 October 2005" with the presentation: "Carbon trading and carbon credits with LFG (landfill gas) - JI and CDM- projects"

    Summary as pdf - file (247 kB)

    LFG - Flare HOFSTETTER / Lambda type 0.3 / 1000 (5 MW) for sale. Commissioning in 1996. Good conditions. Price incl. Flare, maingaspipe and all electric items for the cabinet ex side in Germany. Ask for the price and photos by fax or email

    Photos opening new bureau tract December 17th 2004

  • Invitation New Bureau Opening Dec. 17th 2004: - > Go and get your invitation as pdf-file 214 KB

  • ATEX: We write the: Risk Assesment Document / Explosion Protection Document acc. to EU directive 99/92/EU. See references English and German page

  • Russia sign and ratification the Kyoto - Protocol effects to the market prices (Allowances) and our JI - Methane / Landfillgas - Projects actual here or by phone and email.

  • First Projects with low methane content (oxydation) on landfill sites in Germany via carbon trading / CO2e - Allowances as a JI - Project. Now we are looking for the best prices AAU`s or ERU (Emission Reduction Unit) per t CO2 reduction. Contact us! (May 21st 04). The project based on EU derictive 2003/87/EU.

  • Paper and presentation: "Emission (CO2)Trade with Landfill gas" by Wolfgang H. Stachowitz at "waste 2004" 28th until 30th of september in UK / Stratforf-upon-Avon:

  • CO2e - Emission trade - we are looking for a project in a Annex II state: e.g.:Brazil, China, South - Africa etc. to realise a project on landfill gas. Please contact us asap! (May 05).

    Kyoto Protocoll as pdf-file 45 KB.

  • Emission trade - it`s not a closed book! On the road to success with the right strategy in the trade of CH4 emissions with CO2 - equivalents: - > Go and get your information (Sept. 5th 03) as pdf-file 161 KB

  • Scheme for greenhouse gas emission allowance trading EU Directive 96/61/EG Doc. 15792/1/02 dated 27/03/2003 file 2001/0245/COD - > Go and get your copy of the EU Directive (Sept. 29th 03) as pdf-file 380 KB

  • Trade with CO2 - Certificates on methane oxydation at (old) landfill sites - poor gas systems or low calorific value. Trade via JI (Joint Implementation) or CDM to EU resolution 14935/02 dated Dec. 11th 2002 "Trade with Greengas Emissions" and resolution 15792/1/02 Dossier: 2001/0245 OCD dated March 18th 2003. 1. Budget calculations on this "Poor landfill gas systems" gives a price of: approx. 15 Euros / t CO2 reduction. We are looking for foreign investors to install and operate this systems. The investor will get the CO2 - certificates via JI or CDM- regulations. More information in our presentation at Sadinia 2003 conference - > Abstract available in May 2003 here as pdf-file 368 KB. Also as in pdf.-file in spanish now available. espana / spanish - version as pdf-file 34 KB.

  • How to come to a CO2 - Certificate? And how to my money? e.g. for landfill gas. CO2 - Certificate as pdf-file 165 KB. CO2 trading certificates (Emission trade) for landfill gas is not a closed book. (Sept. 8th 2003).

  • Translation into English of German TA - Luft for landfill gas flares: - > Go and get it as pdf-file 103 KB (Oct. 2002)

  • Gasanalyses: - > Offer as pdf-file 114 KB (Dec. 2002)




    • Wolfgang H. Stachowitz is Formal "Publicly certified expert at the IHK zu Kiel (Kiel chamber of commerce) (March 2003)

    • Wolfgang H. Stachowitz is Expert on German BImSchG § 29a expert for Biogas, Landfill gas and sewage gas (Febuary 2003)

    • Wolfgang H. Stachowitz is member of the Biogas safty department in the " German Biogas Association" (Febuary 2003)

    • DAS IB GmbH is memeber of the " German Biogas Association" (January 2003)

    • Ask for a free gasprognosis via the button at the head of this web - page for your landfill site.

    • A report on a WIBERA conference for Waste Disposal Companies in the Laender Schleswig – Holstein und Mecklenburg – Vorpommern (Abfallentsorgungsbetriebe der Länder Schleswig – Holstein und Mecklenburg – Vorpommern) on 16. Mai 2002 in Luebeck. In German available as pdf-file 134kB (Mai 20, 2002)

    • Presentations in English and German as pdf-files -> publications

    • January 2002 Wolfgang H. Stachowitz is excepted as an offical expert at Landfillgas Technology, Biogas Technology and Digester Gas Technology in Europe
      Indicated by the EU - Parlament.

    DAS-IB GmbH LFG- & Biogas-Technology Tel. +49/431/683814, Fax +49/431/2004137,

    Kaufm. Sitz: Flintbeker Str. 55, D 24133 Kiel - Techn. Sitz: Preetzer Str. 207, D 24147 Kiel, Internet