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Oct 05

"Explosion Protection Document for Gas Extraction Systems"

10th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill
Symposium Sardinia 2005 -
content: As an expert for landfill gas technology, the author explains the possibilities which the 99/92 EU Directive with a new ex-zoning, in particular with regard to normal operation, offers to employers and, thus, to operators of landfill gas extraction systems for the definition of their own operation-related safety standard. Within this scope, the essential contentual focal points of a risk and hazard analysis for normal operation, maintenance works, starting and shutting-down processes, as well as for several "failures" of the degasification system are also presented. The practice-oriented lecture will include examples of many implemented plants in Europe, so as to enable the operator of landfill gas disposal plants to consider which technology and plant operation will be possible with regard to safety-related aspects and which investment and operating costs this safety standard will result in.

Summary as pdf - file (158 kB)

complete as pdf - file (215 kB)

Here you will find the:
Three gases diagram for LEL and HEL of Methane/ Air / CO2-N2 –Mixtures
Reference to: Tabasaran / Rettenberger (UBA –Forschungsbericht 12/1982, Nr. 10302207 Teil1 Germany)
as pdf-Datei 249KB

A little help "Normal operation" for your Explosion protection document / Risk assesment as Poster pdf - file (941 kB)

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coverage / scope

January 31st 2006

ESMG - European Safety Management Group - participation of the seminar: " Risk assessment and identification of dangers"


November 23rd 2005

Workshop: Waste, Energy and Climate - Potential of Carbon Trading in the EU waste policy

Europe / Dessau


European dimension of CO2 (Carbon) trading / Emissiontrading ante portas / member of UBA workshop No.I and II: Energy and Waste: National Systeme of Emission Inventory

Europe / Berlin, Germany

December 2003

HAZOP expert, participation in the seminar of chemical industry


Febuary 2003

Expert on German Federal Law on the Prevention of Immissions (BImSchG): § 29a expert for Biogas, Landfill gas and sewage gas


March 2003

10th of march, Formal "Publicly certified expert" at the IHK zu Kiel (Kiel chamber of commerce)



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