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DAS - IB GmbH Deutsche Version

LFG - & Biogas -Technologie

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Biogas-, Digester gas- and Landfill gas technology
-Consulting, planning  designing, projecting-
-Special schooling and training of system orerators-
-Independant Expert a-Independant Expert and Specialist-


- more about us klick the photo pdf.-file 314 kB.


DAS - IB was founded in January 2002 by Managing Director Wolfgang H. Stachowitz.

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We offer a varied range of services such as: -independent expertise
- consultancy
- expert advice

- CO2e - trading with landfill gas / LFG -> methane

for individual customers
we carry out
special schooling and "on-site" training

We have a fleet of 5 mobile flare systems: Biogas, LFG, sewage & Diggster gas, Biomethanegas; Geothermal gas etc.


  actual December 18 th 2018