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LFG - & Biogas -Technologie

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October 19th - Signing a contract with VIREO Belarus for consulting in LFG - Projects: Gomel and Vicebisk Belarus

with Dmitry Moiseev / Alena Ananeva Vireo Energy (Belarus), Minsk, 220007

August 10th, Workshop - MetHarmo, presentation: Gas emissions - explosion protection: Safety in theory and practice, Wolfgang H. Stachowitz, DAS - IB GmbH, click the photo for the program as pdf.file 237 kB

Information about the programme time sheduale as pdf.-file 237 kB

pdf-file of the ppt presentaion 1,737 kB

August st and 2nd regulary site visit & double check of the gas extraction system Kazokiskes, Vilnius, LT MODUS Group, Vilnius

May 16th to 18th Visit and LFG Traning course and more on site: Gatchina, Russia, Landfill Novy Svet Eco - near Saint Petersburg

April 18th to 21st Landfillgas seminar, Landfillgas conference, Biogas conference, exhibition and biogas seminar Lübeck

Jänner / January 2016 "Biogas - for manufactores" schooling and know - how interchange of ideas at A - 6410 Telfs, : Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH Umwelt- und Energietechnik

Landfillgas projects in BELARUS (1st step done Dec. 17th to 21st 2015 in Belarus on sites) , TURKEY and Biogas projects in Luxembourg (contract)

Dec. 2015 ff

Landfil gas (LFG) design & planning: efficiency of the gas extraction system / improvement of the gas extraction system incl. manifold stations, booster station, flares, gensets (generator)

Belarus Landfills: Vitebsk, Orsha, Gomel, Novopolack


Optimisation of gas extraction / collection systems for a better climate; decrease the CO2 potential by minimising the methane emissions over (via) the surface 15th Intern. Waste Management and Landfill Symposium Sardinia 2015, Oct 5th - Oct. 9th

* Small scale flares and booster stations for special landfill gas tests on side and / or training of the staff to operate landfill gas extraction system

* Optimizing of landfill gas extraction / collection systems for a better climate"

July - August 2015

AUDIT (theorie and measering in practice on side) for the optimizig of the gas extraction system (performance and operation)

UAB (JSC) Autoideja, LT 08200 Vilnius

Lithuania, Landfill site Kazokiskes Elektrenmai municipality

More than 150 participaions from 9 different countries and 15 exhibiters - at our conferences and exhibitor April 2015 in Berlin .